Why choose a marketing agency over employing a staff member

Is your website not gaining enough traffic, or do you not know how to target the world of marketing? Working with an agency can help you solve all your questions! Marketing agencies can guide and direct you on creating a strategy to help your business grow. Agencies offer many benefits over marketing in-house. Continue reading for 5 reasons you need to work with an agency today.


Although working with an agency may seem more expensive than employing an in-house marketing manager, it is the opposite! When working with an agency, you have several experts working on your company for one fixed price. Marketing in-house dramatically increases your costs with wages, holidays and training. Not one marketing expert can cover all aspects of marketing. You will need to hire a number of employees for your marketing team, which is a lot more wages to add to your payroll. Naked Marketing already has a team of experts with various specialisations to help you. We can offer you full digital marketing services from graphic design to social media!

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Expert Knowledge

Agencies offer you a team of experts with diverse knowledge and experience. When you work with an agency, all aspects of marketing are covered. You will gain access to diverse perspectives and strategies that are proven to be successful. Working in-house, you risk not being able to execute every aspect of marketing. As an agency, we keep up to date with the latest technology and are continually upskilling our team, so you don’t have to. We work to ensure that your business does not miss out on key marketing trends and developments. Agencies offer unique, collaborative expertise that you cannot find in-house. Your business can only benefit from the expertise of an agency.

Increase Your Productivity

Even marketing jobs that seem easy can take a lot of time! Managing social media may appear as simple as taking a picture and posting it, but it can be a lengthy process of planning, creating and implementing. On top of content creation, you need to spend time on your Search Engine Optimization, which is not a quick job to complete on a Friday afternoon. Even these two marketing elements take time. Marketing elements require dedication to be implemented effectively and cannot be passed on as a last-minute job. As an agency, we can ensure that your marketing is always a top priority. You will relieve the stress of your employees when they no longer need to fit content creation shoots into their already busy work schedules.

How to Increase Productivity in Your Business

Outside perspective

You may think that when working with an agency, they may not have your business’s best interest in mind. Trust us when we say that we want to see your business continue to grow! An advantage is that agencies have an outside perspective. We see the big picture of your vision. As we are a step back from the business, it is easier for us to see issues of concern and voice solutions. When working in-house, it can be challenging to spot points of weakness when looking at the same marketing plan every day. We are looking at your business with fresh eyes every time. Our new perspective can help your business grow in ways you never thought possible.

You don’t need marketing skills

The most valuable reason to work with a marketing agency is that you don’t have to understand marketing. Our job is to make the marketing strategy clear and effective for you to understand. Working in-house, you will have to develop a strategy, research trends, and learn about all aspects of marketing. Agencies allow you to relieve some of the pressure. You don’t have to understand every part of marketing to work with us.

Still not convinced that a marketing agency is the best option for your business? Working with an agency provides you with the opportunity to develop a successful marketing strategy. If cutting costs, working with an expert team, increasing your productivity, gaining a new perspective and not needing to know anything about marketing is convincing enough, we would love to chat with you. Contact us today, and we can talk more about the benefits of working with Naked Marketing!