5 Reasons You Need TikTok

Gen Z cannot stop talking about TikTok, and for good reason. As one of the fastest growing social media apps, the video platform has become a crucial part of digital marketing. Any business who has a Gen Z or millennial audience, should be on TikTok. Statista recorded over 60,000 app downloads, January 2022 in New Zealand alone. We know tapping into a new media space on top of all the other social media apps can be daunting, but TikTok is very beneficial and easy to use. Continue reading to find out Forbes top 5 tips for success on TikTok – four of which are free!

Content Creation

Unlike other platforms, content creation for TikTok does not require a professional camera. Videos for TikTok are best created on your phone, in five minutes with natural light for a more casual approach. Content on TikTok can go viral very quickly with new trends popping up every week and do not focus on products. There is a diverse range of content that can become popular on TikTok alongside trends that we can help with. To keep the content personalised, audiences prefer to see your face over long product shots. Comedy or challenge videos are always fun to make and do well with interacting with your audience. Capitalising on trends is also important through the use of viral sounds that require lip syncing, don’t worry, we can help you with your acting too. It is important to remember that TikTok is not like any other form of marketing that we have seen before, audiences want relatability and humility.


Similar to Instagram and Facebook, TikTok allows your audience to interact with your content. The use of likes, comments, and shares can help extend the reach of your posts to a wider audience. TikTok includes a duet option as a creative way to interact with users. Just as the name implies, the duet function allows for the creation of user-generated content. A duet could be you completing a trend, and your audience then responding with their reaction.


The use of hashtags has been used across all platforms, including TikTok to help grow any business. With millions of videos being uploaded, your business may have already been hashtagged. We can help you take advantage of the use of hashtags on TikTok. It is important to engage with user-generated content by liking, sharing and commenting on posts created by your audience. New customers are more likely to believe a review posted by another customer on TikTok than your own branded content, so it is important to interact and show appreciation to posts created by your audience.


Influencers can be used in increasing your reach to new audiences on TikTok the same way they are used on Instagram. The algorithm on TikTok does not require your influencer to have a large following but they must have high engagement. Influencer accounts can reach the same user on multiple occasions without even following them. A user watching, liking or commenting on a video will continue to see the same influencer’s TikTok account on their feed. It is important to take the time to learn what influencers are prominent with your target audience. Every Influencer has a niche that they fit into, whether it be beauty or home.

Paid Advertisement

If you prefer a more traditional approach to marketing, TikTok does have an advertisement function. There are two types of ads that can appear on the algorithm. TopView ads are the first videos that a user will see when they open the app and InFeed Videos can appear throughout the algorithm as the user scrolls. Both forms can be very effective in gaining attention amongst mindless scrolling on the app. TikTok also allows the creation of branded effects or takeovers. Similar to the creation of GIFs on Instagram, TikTok allows you to create a filter or image for users to incorporate into their own videos. Branded effects essentially look like sponsored user-generated content.

Are you still finding TikTok a little daunting? Here at Naked Marketing, we would love to have a chat with you. We specialise in digital marketing and helping to grow businesses! Get in contact with us today and we can put together a strategic social media plan to secure and promote your business growth and engagement.