Who are we?

We are naked. We are a Digital Marketing Team passionate about helping businesses generate leads and grow Online through smart, measurable Marketing Strategies.

paid media.

Expose your business to more people through
Facebook, Google and LinkedIn ads or other
types of lead generation!


Be seen by potential customers who are
actively searching for products or services
related to the business through SEO  (Search
Engine Optimisation). This is a cost-effective
marketing strategy that can provide long-term
benefits for your business.
The Sound Store Local Business

social media.

Grow your audience organically by posting
regularly on social media! Let us help you come
up with a framework that suits your business!

content creation.

Create content that reflects your brand, values,
and personality and, ultimately, exposes your
best side.


First impressions are everything. Make it count
with a good website that will help generate
more leads and grow your business!
Web Creator
Naked Marketing are team BEST! Best team to work with, best quality of workmanship and best value. We love the work they have done for us – especially with you new Website and Social media! They help us attract leads and win new clients!
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Dean Payn
Website Marketing
We have been working with Naked to launch our new brand utilising a social strategy pointing to a temporary website while grander plans are afoot. Naked have a broad marketing footprint and they’ve taken the time to understand a complex B2B [with quite a lot of C indirectly] business. We couldn’t be happier with the results.
First Rescue
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Craig Thrussell
MBA Highlights
This is the team to use to get your social media on fire! In the 1st month, their new social media formatted posts lifted MILFORD to the position of No.1 Town Centre on The Shore!
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Murray Hill

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We can do anything from helping your business be seen with search engine optimization (SEO), paid media, social media marketing, email marketing and content marketing! We will also level up your website with a fresh new website design and development to help you stand out from the crowd.

For best exposure of your website online, you need a good marketing mix! This is why we combine SEO, Paid Media and Social Media marketing. Our SEO strategies focus on improving visibility of your website on search engine pages, whereas Paid Media targets specific keywords and demographics for genuine leads. Social media is equally important for your website’s success to increase brand awareness and drive traffic!

Campaigns are not something you can set and forget, we continually review campaigns to ensure that only the best side of your brand is exposed! Combining website traffic, lead generation, conversion rates and ROI metrics in our reporting, we can continually develop effective campaigns. Each month and quarter, our clients receive reports on their paid and social media progress to stay up to date with their success!