5 Ways to Create an SEO Strategy with Keywords

Is your website the first thing that appears on Google when you search for your industry? Competing for that top position on Google doesn’t just happen overnight… or alphabetically either, it relies on the keywords in your website that users search for!

Keywords are the words and phrases that Google crawls when you are trying to self-diagnose that weird bump on your knee – don’t worry, we’ve all turned to Dr Google. Websites that contain the keywords “weird bump” or “bump on the knee”, then get ranked based on relevancy and shown to you!

You can actually find where you rank on Google through your Google My Business profile. Your keywords connect directly to your Search Engine Optimisation strategy or SEO, but how do you create a SEO strategy using keywords?

Audit Your Website
To find out how to improve your keywords, you first need to find out what is and isn’t working! Keywords can be hidden anywhere on your website, even in places you don’t think about. Images are important for keywords and SEO! Crazy right? The image file name and alt text can be picked up by Google to determine where you should be ranked.

Finding Your Keywords
Thinking of relevant keywords can be tricky when you have many other things to consider with your business. Utilising keyword generators is an easy way to find the keywords that work for you. Websites like Semrush give you the opportunity to find the top keywords and keyword phrases for your website for free! To find industry trends, Reddit is another platform that can highlight potential keywords for you to use.

Map Your Keywords
You don’t want all your keywords on your homepage. They should be spread across your whole website to give you the best opportunity for excellent SEO. Mapping keywords is a practice where you decide how to appropriately distribute keywords and reduce repeating the same set of keywords on a single page.

Add Your Keywords
After all the hard work of researching and mapping your keywords, now it’s time actually to add them to your website! Go through all the copywriting on your website and find gaps where you can appropriately include your keywords. It could even be as simple as changing or adding a subheading. Make sure not to overstuff your website; unnecessarily adding too many keywords in poor-quality content can keep you hidden from the top searches!

Your Target Audience
The golden rule of marketing… remember your target audience! It would be a shame to go through all that effort in creating the perfect SEO strategy with keywords only to find that your keywords don’t work. Using the wrong keywords could mean that your website appears in unrelated searches, reaching people who aren’t interested. Think about what your target audience searches for when looking for your business or even better, you could ask them how they found you!

Keywords are all about making sure that your website is seen on Google. It helps your target audience find you!

Don’t worry if you’re still unsure where to begin creating an SEO strategy using keywords! Read our last blog about 5 Ways to Optimise Your Google Business Profile, or contact us today at Naked Marketing to make sure that you are exposing your best side on Google!

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